Our Chefs kitchen “The field tree” (Ets Ha Sadeh) was chosen by us after a long and uncompromising search through the Israeli culinary scene.

From the first moment it was a revelation.

We were looking for a Chefs kitchen that would express the culinary line and vision of Derech Eretz in its creative and different way.

A culinary style that will connect a kitchen to our unique nature.

To the place, the farm, the land a real terroir.

To the natural ingredients that grow in the Judean hills.

Ets Hasadeh’s kitchen has been operating for over 20 years and started its way exactly in our style.

Weddings in nature, productions in nature that give a breath-taking experience that combines between the best ingredients, natural seasonal herbs, organic vegetables and amazing rural accessories.

Beautifully designed food stalls and captivating buffets.

Young staff full of compassion to a kitchen that creates spectacular and delicious food.

A special and creative group of people that for the 5th time in a row have been awarded first place by choice of the couples getting married.

We are addicted.



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