We started off as a herb farm where we also held concerts with leading Israeli musicians.

Avraham Tal, The beloved Meir Banai, Amir Dadon, Alma Zohar, Kobi Oz, Habreira Ha tivit, Lea Shabat, Eti Ankri, Gaya, Beit Ha Bubot and many more.

From Indy music through world and electronic music in the liberating heart of nature. We know how important and critical it is to have hi quality sound for a successful event.

It is the heart of the “Vibe”.

The sound experience that we have created with SHAZOOR one of the leading sound companies in Israel will give you a sound quality in its own league.

Speakers and subwoofers in oak wood cases amplifies the sound in the space we created.

Acoustic sound planning created specially to work with nature in the open space.

Separate sound programs for DJ’s, bands, solo artists, unplugged performers, electronic music and more.

Our lighting system has also been planned by SHAZOOR in accordance and working with the vibe, nature and colors of the farm.

Sound restrictions?

At our farm you can dance until 03:00AM.

...All you have to do is choose the vibe


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