About Us

The whole of nature sings for you at Derech Erets farm.

To get married in the heart of an Israeli magical natural forest.

Butterflies hover around the bridal veil.

Orchids, Crocuses, Lupines, turmeric and Cyclamen spectacular at the Hight of their bloom around the Hupa.

Your wedding in the heart of a natural and rare forest in the middle of the most beautiful region in Israel,

The Ella valley and Mate Yehuda.

Pure nature that breathes and covers you from all round. Under an open starry sky.

Derech Eretz farm was established as a spice farm by a warm and rooted family of farmers.

It grew naturally through ancient wood and stone structures dating back to the Hasmonean dynasty.

Surrounded by intoxicating flowers, olive groves, fragrance of vineyards and herbs and a natural forest considered to be one of the most beautiful to be preserved in Israel.

The Tuscany of Israel.