They are alcohol artists, amazing masters, innovative and pioneers in their unique ways.

The Peacock Bar is a group of alcohol artists that lead some of the best bars in Israel, among them the famous Gatsby Bar in Jerusalem.

They are the people in charge of the surprising and unique world of alcohol that will be the bar at your function.

All the barmen at the peacock group are specialist mixers and cocktail artists that create unusual combinations combining plants and ingredients from nature.

Cocktails of wild oregano and rosemary, cocktails with wildflowers and rare natural extracts, the peacock people will accompany you to creating an alcohol content that will be unique to your function.

In the two bars, the reception and the main bar the same drinks and cocktails will be served in abundance and with a creativity you have not experienced before. Served in amazing rural and vintage designs your alcohol experience will be talked about for ages.



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